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Best Premarital Preparation Online Course at the most affordable price

With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

  • Get the most updated, engaging and fun video-based online course available, not a boring PDF.

  • Prepare for marriage with Dr. Liliana Wolf, most experienced, top ranked licensed relationship expert.

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  • Get a $50.00 tax credit by showing our Certificate of Completion. Tax credit is greater than the cost of this course, making THIS course BETTER than FREE.

Know each other more intimately

Discovering your own styles and triggers to disconnection.

Deepen your emotional connection

Through science- based enjoyable and educational exercises and activities.

Notarized Certificate of Completion

Receive a notarized Certificate of Completion guaranteed to be accepted by the State of  South Carolina

Save Money

Get a $50.00 Tax credit discount by showing your certificate. This course pays by itself and even will leave money in your pocket

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With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

Are You Planning to Get Married in South Carolina ?

What if I told you that

What if I told you that I could show you how to remain deeply emotionally connected for life…

In just 10 modules.

that will allow you to maintain and enhance the joy, sense of belonging, acceptance and understanding that true intimacy brings to a marital relationship?

Sounds epic, I know …but…

This is exactly what I have been doing for the couples I have been preparing for marriage at my office and now….

I can do it for YOU!

In case you have never heard of me before, my name is Dr. Liliana Wolf. I am a licensed clinician with over twenty-seven years of experience working with couples, a former adjunct professor of psychology, author and relationship expert. 

I am on a mission


My goal is to reach as many South Carolina couples that are about to get married and prepare them with the best and latest evidence-based scientific information available to date, at the most affordable price.  So now, do not let the price of this online course fool you. Couples who wish to schedule an appointment with me for premarital counseling or couple's therapy wait months and pay $300/hr.


Yes, couple's therapy with an experienced clinician can be expensive and even prohibitive.


This is why I created this course. 


I believe, and there is research to back this up, that couples who prepare for marriage with the most up to date scientific data, have everything at their disposal to maintain their bond forever.


I also wanted this course to be engaging, not a boring PDF containing the same old stuff that you may be tired of hearing. Also, even though so much is at stake and preparing for marriage is a serious business, I wanted it to be entertaining and fun, you will see. 

This is not just any premarital preparation course, it is an implementation program where you will learn:

  •      to avoid entering the destructive cycle that most married couples tend to              engage in.

  •       how to curb impulsive reactions that end up causing pain and distance

  •       to de-escalate conflict

  •       to repair rifts

  •       to build emotional safe

In this program you will see how a deep emotional connection creates the framework for great sex, and how great sex, in turn, facilitates a deeper emotional connection.  Yes! It is all about CONNECTION

Dr. Liliana Wolf

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Testimonials from couples who have taken my pre marital preparation course.

843 Reviews

Amazing course

This is an amazing course. Well put together. It prompted some good discussion. Loved that it has videos and great exercises.

Thank you!

To Dr. Wolf: Your course covers a lot of great information and the exercises are tremendously helpful. Thank you for such a well thought out course!

We did not expect this. Thanks!!!

This course inspired many different conversations. We did not expect this from an online course. It was very helpful and entertaining. Thank you for putting such a great course together.

With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

Qualified to provide Premarital Education in All 46
South Carolina Counties

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With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

What Makes This Premarital Preparation Course Different?

With This Premarital Course You Both Will Learn ...

  • That you were born to connect .You both are neuro-biologically wired to create attachments from the moment you were born. Groundbreaking research spearheaded by Dr. Susan Johnson from The University of Ottawa, Canada clearly has torn down the myth that humans outgrow this need once we reach adulthood. Provocative, isn’t it?

  • To avoid the destructive cycle of disconnection.We all want to feel loved and accepted. When we sense disconnection, however, we go into panic mode. Some of us, will withdraw, while others will fight for reestablishing connection. This can send any relationship into a destructive never-ending cycle.

  • To understand your triggers. In this module you will learn to go beyond impulsive reactions and delve into the real heart of every problem. Most importantly, this module is packed with eye-opening exercises to practice. Practice, as they say, makes perfect…(well, almost).

  • The three key elements behind marital satisfaction. Happily forever after starts here. My Questionnaire, up until now only available to those couples I prepare for marriage, taps on the three main components of deep emotional bonding and connectedness. You will be able to access it here.

  • How to maintain emotional safety. Because it is so easy to feel hurt the moment we sense disconnection (and you will have those moments in your marriage) I will reveal to you “the game change”, the key practice that helps create and maintain the emotional safety in your marriage.

  • To de-escalate conflict. This module goes beyond the ‘basic skills to resolve conflict’, that most courses focus on (part of what makes us different ). Here you will learn to practice empathy. Research has shown that empathy is not a trait, but a skill you can actually get better at. I show you how.

  • About your values….. your essence. Research on values indicates that these tend to predict our attitudes, preferences and behaviors. As you become partners in life, an open conversation on what each one of you considers good and worthy is thus of upmost importance.  With my guided conversation tool “My values, my essence, your values, your essence”, up until now only available to those couples I see at my office, you will have the opportunity to discuss your values with each other.

  • To openly talk about finances. In this module the two of you will find a guide that will facilitate an open dialogue of what most couples have difficulty discussing: finances. You will not be leaving any stone unturned. You will dig deep into your beliefs, attitudes and behaviors regarding money.  What you don’t talk about can actually hurt you. 

  • To see if you are ready for baby…. or not.Here you will find what happens when baby arrives, and what the pre-requisites are that make sure the transition into parenthood is successful. Here you both will explore your readiness for having a baby.

  • To live happily forever after.Time to put into practice this evidence-based blueprint to make your relationship last a lifetime.  Use it, live it, practice it, make it part of your everyday life with final recommendations based on my work with thousands (yes, thousands) of couples.

Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to me. If you are not completely satisfied with my course, I will refund your money.

Here is a summary of my refund policy if you are not satisfied with this course:

  1. .Request a refund via email within 30 days of purchase.

  2. Submit both your and your fiancé’s completed coursework to demonstrate course completion (everything must be completed). 

  3. Let me know why the course didn’t work for you.

  4. My office will then issue a refund.

  5. Please note that there is no refund once a notarized Certificate of Completion is issued.

With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

This is a qualified Premarital Education Program based on my credentials as an Ordained Minister in good standing in the State of South Carolina

My Professional Affiliations

With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Notarized Certificate of Completion valid for?

It’s valid for up to 1 year after completion.

Does the course need to be completed in one sitting?

No. You can complete the course at your own pace with access up to 1 year.

How do I know you are an approved provider in my county?

In the State of South Carolina, the provider of a premarital preparation course, must either be a state licensed mental health professional, or an active member of the clergy. Dr. Wolf is a licensed mental health therapist in the State of Florida, and an ordained minister in South Carolina, which under South Carolina regulations, permits the issuance of an official South Carolina  premarital certificate of completion. We are an authorized provider throughout the State of South Carolina, meeting all the requirements of the law.

What if we live at different locations or have conflicting schedules?

South Carolina statues require that  couples  complete the coursework together. In order for this online course to meet this criteria you will have to complete this course together rather than separately.

With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

More About Me (Us)

My husband Carl and I have called Coral Gables home for the last thirty-five years. We raised our only child here. Brian attended Coral Gables Elementary, Gables High and the University of Miami, located in… you guessed it, in Coral Gables.

When I was finally done with graduate school, practicums, internship and licensure requirements, it seemed only natural that I would open my practice in this beautiful city. That was over two decades ago. The City Beautiful is a grand dame, and I am in love with her. I am grateful for my surroundings, for the air filtered by epic Banyan trees, for the pastel colored houses, the canals that add vibrancy and texture to the streets; for my neighbors, the old and the new.

I am also grateful for Carl, my lifelong partner and love of my life. We go way back. Hard to believe that when I met him, he was much younger than our son is today. Ours has not been a perfect marriage, I have never heard of one that is. 

When I say that it is all about connecting at a deep emotional level, I mean it. A deep emotional connection is at the heart of every lifelong satisfactory relationship. This premarital preparation course is much Carl’s at it is mine. His support, love and patience have made this possible. I feel so blessed.

Liliana Wolf

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